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Experience a paperless, communication-enhanced future with eZaango aged care software, designed to prioritise exceptional support for your clients.

Transform Your Aged Care Service with Innovative Solution by eZaango.

Our specialised software is designed with you in mind. It simplifies daily tasks, from scheduling to communication, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - providing top-notch care. No more juggling complex systems.
With our solution, you'll optimise staffing, enhance communication, and stay compliant effortlessly. Join other satisfied providers who've already improved their care facilities. Your residents deserve the best, and it starts with our user-friendly, tailored solution. Explore it today and transform your aged care management!

Swiftly Manage Your Rosters

Adopting Aged Care Software is a significant change in the aged care sector, especially when it comes to roster management. The software brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and precision to the allocation of staff shifts. By considering factors like staff availability and qualifications, you can ensure that the right caregiver is assigned to the right task, ultimately leading to improved elder care.

Moreover, it's a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling overtime, helping providers stay compliant with labour laws while also swiftly adapting to any unexpected staffing adjustments. In short simplifies and optimises roster management, allowing providers to focus more on delivering exceptional care and less on administrative complexities.

How does eZaango Aged Care Software help?

  • Create error-free rosters, manage shifts, and track leaves for efficient aged care management.

  • Swiftly adapt to staffing changes, supporting providers to deliver top-quality senior care.

  • Effortlessly monitor and control overtime, ensuring compliance with labour laws.

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Manage Your Rosters
Swiftly ManageYour Rosters
Creation and Sharing Breeze center
Creation Sharing Breeze center
Make Care Note Creation and Sharing

Make Care Note Creation and Sharing a Breeze

At eZaango we know the essential role that care notes play in the aged care management. Supporting with the best level of care for our clients is at the heart of what we do, and care notes are a vital tool in achieving this goal. Our smart aged care software, we've simplified the process of creating and sharing care notes, making any important information accessible for members of the care team.

We believe that by streamlining this process, we can improve the continuity of care and enhance collaboration among caregivers. Our commitment is to empower aged care providers with the tools they need to deliver personalised, quality care to their clients, and our care notes is just one way we're making that happen.

How does our Aged Care Software help?

  • Simplify care note management to improve overall caregiving efficiency.

  • Easily create care notes and share the notes in few clicks for effective caregiving.

  • With care notes, admin can provide essential information to new caregivers for smooth client care and recovery.

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Enhanced Shifts, Staff Oversight, and Customised Reports

Efficiency in aged care facilities is crucial for providing the best care to elderly patients. And to achieve this, it is imperative to employ specialised software. This results in a well-organised, mistake-free environment where the delivery of exceptional care and the administrative process becomes smoother.

The software works as a backbone with features including over/under shift management, staff availability tracking and complete reports, ensuring that everything in the care process is managed smoothly and flawlessly. Such a digital intervention addresses operational bottlenecks so that attention can be firmly turned towards delivering sterling care for the elders.

How does our Aged Care Software help?

  • Prevents staffing errors by tracking support worker shift timings accurately, preventing over/under shifts.

  • Efficiently tracks staff availability, helps in optimal resource allocation for consistent care planning.

  • Customised reports on various operational aspects facilitate informed decision-making, ensuring compliance.

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Enhanced Shifts Staff
Simplify Leave Management center
Simplify Leave Management ezaangocare
Simplify Leave Management ezaangocare

Simplify Leave Management and Incident Tracking

The aged care sector faces several critical pain points like complex scheduling, incident management challenges, and leave-tracking intricacies. These difficulties can result in understaffing, inefficient incident resolution, and compliance issues, impacting the quality of care.

eZaango Aged Care Software addresses these pain points by offering comprehensive features like roster management, incident tracking, and leave management, providing a robust solution that aids aged care providers in delivering excellent care while mitigating operational challenges and compliance risks.

How does our Aged Care Software help?

  • eZaango offers SMS, API integration ability, simplifying operations for efficiency.

  • Comprehensive features enable quick tracking and resolution of incidents, enhancing participant safety.

  • With eZaango, simplifies leave tracking, including partial, full-day, emergency, and sick leave management, ensuring compliance.

From Job Board to Seamless Chat Feature

Aged care providers require a comprehensive solution that addresses their unique needs. Features like the Job Board facilitate efficient shift management by allowing providers to post unassigned shifts, enabling interested staff to express their interest, thereby alleviating the challenge of shift assignment. This ensures optimal staffing levels, reducing the risk of understaffing.

Additionally, the Chat feature simplifies communication between participants and support workers, enhancing collaboration and ensuring clear and effective information exchange. These features collectively address critical pain points in the aged care sector, streamlining operations, and improving resident care.

How does our Aged Care Software help?

  • Chat feature accelerates participant-support worker communication, fostering quicker responses and effective information exchange.

  • Job Board enhances staffing management, reducing understaffing risks, and improving resident care quality.

  • Job board posts unassigned shifts, allowing staff to express interest, ensuring efficient staffing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By using Aged Care Software, your facility can improve operational efficiency, enhance the quality of care, ensure compliance with regulations, and reduce administrative burdens. It also helps in better resource management and improves communication across the board.
Yes, our software is scalable. Whether you manage a small home care service or a large residential aged care facility, our software can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance across all levels of operation.
Security is a top priority for us. Our software uses advanced encryption methods, and all the client data and operational data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres located in Sydney.
Absolutely! Our software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of existing systems, which means it can be seamlessly integrated with your current system, allowing for a smooth transition and continuous flow of information.
Our software includes features like automated report generation, audit trails, and real-time notification for compliance issues. These tools help you stay on top of regulatory requirements effortlessly, ensuring you’re always audit-ready.

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Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

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Ongoing Support

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Reliable Technology

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Anytime Anywhere

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