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NDIS Price Guide 2022

NDIS price guide 2022: Check out the major price changes. For best NDIS customised solution don't forget to checkout eZaango.

NDIS Price Guide 2022

NDIS Price Guide 2022: Check out the major price changes

NDIS price guide changes have been updated yet again updated by the government and with the financial year closing in, it's time to get the ball rolling and work started. The new pricing will take effect from 1st July onwards. Let's look at those changes:

Level 3: High-intensity Supports

In the previous price guide by NDIA, there were 3 levels of support based on the complexity and the high intensity of work required, however, this year, there are only 2 levels of support provided to a person. Level 1 is the standard pricing and level 2 is the high-intensity price. This means the highest paying tier based on the complexity of work has been removed by the NDIA and simplifying the price division based on only 2 levels of support.

Support work prices increase by 9%

The prices for support work have increased by 9%, which means that prices based on the disability cost model have increased, this includes:

  • Assistance with self-care activities
  • Establishment fees
  • Self and plan management capacity building
  • Assistance in SIL
  • Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities, including group supports and establishment fees
  • Supports in employment
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching
  • Tenancy support
  • Life transition planning
  • Individual skills development
  • Transition through school and further education
  • Training for carers/parents

This is a good change for the disability support providers as it addresses the major cost burdens.

No change in prices for Support Coordination, Plan Management, and therapy

Even though there has been an increase in prices for Service providers, SC's Plan Managers and other categories would be pretty bumped and frustrated as there are no price changes for the second consecutive year.

Nursing support pay increase

The prices for nursing support have increased by 2.94%. This has been done keeping in mind the increase in the minimum wage and the consumer price index.

Travel rules and changes

Now the support workers can bill for journeys from participants' place to their place of work if it's under 60 minutes- going and coming back (30 minutes each). And for regional places, the total billable hours are 60 minutes

There are some major changes to the NDIS 2022 price guide, however, there are more related to bereavement, TTP, line items and other support items. You can have a look at the detailed version of the NDIS price scheme here.

Date: Jun 23, 2022