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NDIS Rostering software

What can the right NDIS rostering software do for your business? eZaango is known to provide the best CRM software solution for NDIS business.

NDIS Rostering software

What can the right NDIS rostering software do for your business?

NDIS Rostering Software can smoothen your NDIS business to an extent whereby it is affordable, efficient and effective. However, if you are managing your shifts manually then your business is more prone to errors and inefficient work culture. How? Well, from simple data entry errors to assigning shifts to multiple workers, manual work can be a challenging and time-consuming process which in the end leads to wastage of both skills and time of your employees.

So, if you are managing your rosters manually? overbooking or under booking your support workers for a shift? Then, your business definitely needs a NDIS rostering software that can smoothen the process.

Well, eZaango Care Partners specialises in NDIS-compliant CRM software that can take the pain out of your admin tasks by automating and streamlining it. But before we dive into what the right NDIS rostering software can do for your business, let's see the drawbacks of sticking with manual methods:


Humans are subject to errors. So, whether it's the minutest of things such as AM to PM, scheduling shifts for the wrong time, or to a wrong support worker, it only leads to wastage of time and error prone data management.

Ineffective management

With manual data entry, time scheduling, often support workers' hours, leave requests, and other complications are mixed up- leading to an unfavourable and unfair roster. Nevertheless, the right NDIS rostering software by eZaango care Partners can help in efficient and effective management.

Time-consuming and challenging process

Managing shifts, rostering, and invoicing is a time-consuming and complex task and even more so, if done manually. Thus, to handle your business it's necessary to cut down on your admin time, and this can be done with the help of NDIS software.

What can eZaango do for you?

Scheduling the right staff at the right time with eZaango has become a cakewalk, now you can easily fill in your employee availability, shift availability, and other information just with a click. So, what can eZaango do for you?

Save time and streamline work

There is no scope for errors when you must provide care to your clients, so everything must be correct and to the point. You cannot waste time on creating shifts, scheduling workers, matching timings, etc, so you need a CRM software than can do it all for you and all you have to do are just few simple clicks.

Higher productivity

Progress Notes record many facets of residents' lives. A few examples are:NDIS Management Software unlike manual work ensures that all your data is stored, organised and planned in one place. Thus, boosting the work efficiency and productivity in an affordable and efficient manner.

Error free and easy tasks

Assigning shifts, scheduling rosters, invoicing in minutes, these are few advantages of an NDIS rostering software. So, if you want an error free environment that saves up your time and increases your productivity, then the BEST NDIS SOFTWARE for providers is eZaango care Partners. A CRM software solution for your NDIS business.

"So make NDIS rostering easy and efficient with eZaanGo Care Partner's rostering software. Learn more to know how you can streamline your rostering processes.

Date: Sep 14, 2022