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Simplify Support Coordination Management with Intuitive Software

Discover the power of simplicity in support coordination with our intuitive support coordination software that supports you to smoothly manage tasks, track goals, generate reports, and integrate accounting— all in one place.

Making Support Coordination Smoother with Technology-Backed Features.

Experience a seamless journey in support coordination with eZaango support coordination software. Our solution will be your guide to make your support coordination management smoother and more efficient. So, you can focus on delivering exceptional care and support to help your participants achieve their goals.

Manage Staff Profile and Timesheet Without Any Hassle.

We bring you Support Coordination Software that will save time by removing the troubles of staff management and timesheet tracking. With this feature, you can effortlessly add new support coordinators to your team, ensuring you have the right professionals on board to meet your participants' needs.

With eZaango Support Coordination Software, you have the tools at your disposal to efficiently manage your support coordination staff and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for both your team and your participants.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Effortless Onboarding: eZaango simplifies the process of adding new support coordinators to your team, reducing administrative headaches, and getting your staff up and running quickly.

  • Smooth Timesheet Tracking: Make it easy for you to monitor and verify support coordinator hours. This enhances accuracy and simplifies payroll processes.

  • Comprehensive Records: Maintain extensive records of all support coordinators who have been part of your journey from day one.

Manage Staff Profile

Smoothly Manage Participant Profile & Documents

With eZaango Support Coordination Software, you can confidently manage participant profiles and important documents, promoting efficiency and ensuring that essential information is always within reach.

Our software acts as a secure repository for all participant-related information, including basic details and funding specifics. Moreover, it efficiently manages critical documents, such as NDIS licenses and other essential paperwork required for smooth operations.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Centralised Participant Data: The software ensures that participant's basic information and funding details are available in one location, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

  • Effortless Document Management: You can securely store and keep track of essential documents, streamlining compliance and reducing paperwork hassles.

  • Simplifying Accessibility: Easy access to participant profiles and associated documents ensures that essential information can be accessed when you need it most.

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Unburden Your Support Coordination
Challenges – Embrace Effortless
Management with Our Software!line-shape

Precise Budget Tracking and Fund Management

With eZaango Support Coordination Software, you can manage financial records with confidence. No more errors or financial guesswork—just precise, transparent, and efficient support coordination.

The Support Coordination Software brings you a feature set that empowers you to maintain impeccable transaction records. Effortlessly add NDIS funding and master budget tracking with proper plan set-up. This means that every financial aspect of your support coordination is precisely managed, eliminating errors and ensuring complete transparency.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Seamless Funding Management: Simplify the process of adding Funding and tracking the allocation of funds to different plans, ensuring financial accuracy.

  • Transaction Clarity: Software supports you to maintain clear and comprehensive transaction records, promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Budget Tracking: Keep a watchful eye on the budget spent on services with our intuitive budget tracking feature, preventing overspending, and ensuring financial stability.


Effortlessly Create Tasks for Support Coordinator

With support coordination software, the plan manager can easily create "Tasks" for support coordinators. The software allows you to create, assign, and track tasks, ensuring that support coordinators are always in the loop and well-equipped to provide exceptional support to participants.

This feature streamlines communication and task allocation, making it easier for support coordinators to stay updated on their responsibilities. Moreover, it allows tracking of current tasks and maintaining records of cancelled and completed tasks. With this, one can ensure a well-organised and productive workflow.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Simplified Task Assignment: Create tasks effortlessly, enhancing clarity and accountability in task assignment.

  • Real-Time Task Updates: Support coordinators can keep track of their current tasks, maintain records for completed ones, and stay informed about any cancellations in real time.

  • Better Efficiency: Users can improve workflow, reducing the risk of overlooked tasks and promoting efficient support coordination.

Save Time

Reduce administrative workload by up to 50%, allowing you to channel more energy into delivering quality support services.

Audit-Proof Your Business

Audit-proof software solution so you can manage business confidently, knowing that all critical data is securely stored and easily accessible.

One Software for All

Our software is your all-in-one platform, catering to your diverse needs, from participant profiles to Automated invoices, within a single platform.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Embrace the convenience and flexibility of cloud-based solutions that offers you to access data anytime, anywhere from laptop. Ensuring you to stay agile and responsive.

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Keep Updated with Admin Notes and Support Notes

Our Support Coordination Software provides support coordinators with a robust feature set, including Admin Notes and Support Notes. With Admin Notes, support coordinators can seamlessly record essential information compiled from participant interactions. Be it through calls, texts, or emails.

On the other hand, Support Notes allow specialist support coordinators to provide detailed insights into the services they've delivered. If the support given is billable, it gets reflected in transaction records, ensuring a transparent and error-free financial overview. Ultimately leading to more informed decision-making and improved participant support.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Thorough Documentation: Admin Notes and Support Notes offer documentation abilities, ensuring that crucial participant details are managed accurately.

  • Enhanced Accountability: By capturing essential data about participant interactions and service delivery, it promotes transparency and accountability among support coordinators.

  • Smooth Billing Integration: Integration with transaction records simplifies billing processes, reducing manual errors, and improving financial accuracy.


Goal Management to Achieve Participants Goals

The Software introduces a robust Goal Management feature that simplifies the process of creating plans and setting achievable goals. Software equips you with the tools to establish plans with clear, achievable goals, fostering collaboration and ensuring that participants are on the path to success.

Support coordinators can effortlessly establish plans for a fixed time and set goals that participants aim to achieve in the planned time. It helps to simplify goal tracking and ensures that participants and support coordinators align to work toward the desired outcomes.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Goal Clarity: Enhances goal clarity by allowing support coordinators to clearly define objectives and timeframes, promoting a shared understanding among all stakeholders.

  • Progress Monitoring: Easily monitor goal progress, making it simple to identify achievements, challenges, and areas requiring adjustments.

  • Participant Empowerment: Involving participants in goal setting will support them in taking ownership of their journey, fostering a sense of achievement and motivation.

Experience the Ease of Automated Reporting

Having access to timely and accurate reports is beneficial in making informed decisions. Our support coordination software introduces a Reports feature for smoothly generating essential reports. With this feature, plan managers can produce hourly reports for support coordinators, ensuring clarity and accountability in service delivery.

Additionally, the software offers the ability to generate NDIA billing reports that simplify financial tracking and compliance. Moreover, plan managers can download basic reports that contain staff and participant details, enhancing transparency and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Time-saving Reporting: The Reports feature improves the process of generating critical reports, saving time, and reducing manual efforts.

  • Financial Transparency: Generating NDIA billing reports ensures financial transparency and accuracy, improving the billing process and reducing errors.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Accessible staff and participant reports empower users with valuable data, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimisations.

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Easy Automated Invoicing with Accounting Integration

Easy accounting integration feature of our Support Coordination software helps to simplifies accounting processes for support providers. With this feature, admin can smoothly integrate APIs of third-party accounting tools in our software that helps in generating automated invoices and smooth financial tracking. It means you can manage your finances right from within our support coordination software. This eliminates the need for multiple software applications and ensuring a hassle-free invoicing process.

How eZaango Support Coordination Software Helps:

  • Smooth Financial Workflow: Effortless API integration of third-party accounting tools, reducing manual data entry and ensuring financial accuracy.

  • Simplified Invoicing: With easy API integration, you can smoothly generate automated invoices that saves time and no chance of potential errors.

  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for multiple software applications, you save time and reduce costs associated with software licensing and maintenance.

Transform Your Support Coordination Experience with Our Innovative Features!

Enhance the capabilities of support coordination program by using our advanced add-on. Every add-on has been carefully developed to improve operations, make things easier, and transform how you coordinate support, so absolutely everything is done in the best way possible. These amazing qualities allow a business to adapt to a more innovative, efficient, and effective way of handling support coordination tasks.

Mobile App Solution

Experience unprecedented flexibility with a mobile app designed for support coordinators, enabling access to crucial information anywhere, anytime. This feature promotes convenience and enhances operational efficiency in managing support coordination tasks.

Learn more about this feature

Speech to Text

Embrace the innovation of effortless documentation through the Speech to Text feature. It saves valuable time and simplifies the note-taking process, allowing for the easy transformation of verbal communication into written records during support coordination.

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Discover What Our NDIS Software Features Can Do

Lead Management

Improve your client management approach with enhanced lead management capabilities. This feature simplifies the categorisation and tracking of leads, using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed or unrecorded.

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Create a unique identity for your support coordination business with eZaango's branding add-on. Personalise mobile app and web portal as per your needs. Gain an identity, differentiate from the crowd, and enhance user engagement with customised domain, logos, and colours.

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Customised Solutions

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