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5 Reasons Why You Should Go with A Customised NDIS Provider Software

There are so many reasons Why You Should Go with a NDIS Software like eZaango. Read on to learn more.

NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a blessing to many people who require constant support and guidance to navigate through life. NDIS Service Providers handle a complex business wherein they must take care of participants and manage all paperwork and compliances regularly. What they are looking for is a solution that can help them with the day-to-day mundane tasks while they focus on their clients and provide the utmost care to them.

While there might be many solutions in place, a customised NDIS provider software is unlike any other. A customised solution can give you all the functionality and features that you want in your software. Think about it as your software that we help develop and not the other way round.

All the Features in The World, Plus More

With our customised solution, you would get all the basic features like:

  • Efficient Data Management
  • Seamless Shift Scheduling
  • Paperless Compliance Management
  • Integrated Mobile App
  • Automated Billing
  • Shift Notes
  • Timesheets and Rostering
  • Easy Claims
  • API Integrations

These are just some of the basic features listed here but with our customised solutions, we have so much more to offer. From what colour scheme you need for your shifts to any additional app you want us to integrate; We’ve got you covered.

Whether it is a slight functionality change or something extra that you need for your internal functioning, we can do it all. We want our clients to have seamless transactions with their clients and provide the best care possible.

Keep Track of Your Participants, Your Way

We know that you understand your participants best and know what they need from you. Hence, we give you an NDIS provider software where you can manage your participants your way. You can decide what details you want on the dashboard or what details you want when you click on any participant. You can also decide what all actions you want on the main page or if you want to set a priority or colour code different participants.

You can also choose what details you want your support workers to see and help them navigate participants so that they can serve these people in their best capacity.

Keep Track of Your Participants

A Customised App to Go with Your Software

A mobile application can help you work without any interruptions and on the go. This application will also be of great use for the support workers as it gives them multiple benefits and features. The support workers can:

  • See Open Shifts
  • Request A Shift
  • Clock in And Clock Off Through the Application
  • Write Shift Notes for Enhanced Progress
  • Check Their Timesheets

These are just some of the basic features. The application can help in many more ways as it is GPS enabled to avoid time theft, can be used on the go by both the administration and the support workers, can help support workers collate and track the progress of participants. This application, like the software, is completely customisable and can be tailor-made to fit all your requirements.

Customised App

Simplifying Invoices and Claims, Your Way

All NDIS providers spend a lot of time on invoicing and sending out claim forms while constantly trying to minimize human error and making it as efficient as possible. However, with our software solution, you can get your invoicing and claim reports with just one click. Our customised solutions make it so that you can select how you want to do your invoicing and send out claims, all with just one click.

This one-click operation can save a lot of time and energy while minimizing all human error and paperwork. Our interactive portal will make your life easier and help you provide a seamless interaction with your participants, NDIA, or plan managers.

Secure and Paperless Compliance Management

Compliance management is a crucial aspect for any NDIS provider as each worker needs to be compliant in various categories and the same needs to be checked almost every day. With our customised solutions, you can save all this time and effort as our software will do all his for you. It will send out reminders and alerts for all documents before their expiry date and would not let you or anyone else add a shift for a worker who does not have all valid documents.

Along with support worker documents, the software also stores all care plans and important documents about the participant so that they can be cared for in legitimate and genuine way. These plan documents give information on how the participant should be encouraged towards recovery. They also include the goals, strategies, and responsibilities for all individual participants.

All these benefits mentioned above can help you make the most out of your NDIS provider software so that you focus on only one thing, the most crucial of all- providing high standards of care and recovery.

We have a range of modules and features that you can choose from, but we’d like it if you tell us what you want and let us make that possible for you. We believe in giving you an NDIS Provider software that minimizes all your pain points and lets you make the most of your business.

Are you an NDIS provider looking for a solution, contact us today!

Date: Sep 3, 2021