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Why Off-the Shelf Software Is Not Always the Solution and How You Can Harness the Power of a Customised Solution?

Why Off-the Shelf Software Is Not Always the Solution and How You Can Harness the Power of a Customised Solution? Read this blog to know more!

Why Off-the Shelf Software Is Not Always the Solution and How You Can Harness the Power of a Customised Solution

Off-the-shelf things are amazing, they are ready to use and often easy to do so as well. However, when it comes to selecting a software solution for your business, off-the-shelf is not always the way to go. While it could be tempting to just get an off-the-shelf software that is all ready to go for you to use, it can be equally as painful after a while when you realise the software cannot fulfil all that you wanted from it or that the software is slow and does not have the technical capabilities to support all operations of your business.

Let’s take for example that you run an NDIS provider business where in you have many clients and support workers, you want to manage their documentation, make processes easier, roster efficiently and much more. All this would require technical specifications that could only be relevant to your business, you might also want to do accommodations and manage your leads with the software, and that is only possible if the software has scope for customisation and isn’t built on the same domain as multiple blocks.

A customised software on the other hand, can help you achieve all your operational and business goals, it can help you with specific features and functions that can prove to be essential for your business, it can also provide you with certain things your way thereby reducing the time and investment that goes into learning a software and directly getting a software that you are comfortable with.

But that’s not all, let’s see all the ways why having a customised solution can help you achieve your goals and harness the true power of your business.

Designed By You, For You

First things first, customised solutions are designed by you and according to you for your use. Which means that these solutions are essentially a requirement of your business and work according to it. We as software providers only give the direction and development to your software as you take the lead and get the software that you truly want for your business. Another great thing about the design being by you is that this software is exclusive and personal to your brand, it can add to the brand value of your business and give you and your employees and edge over business who use the same set of streamlined software.

Potential To Develop Specific Business Processes

While most software in the market can help you solve 70 percent of your business issues, we understand how crucial those 30 percent issues become when kept unsolved. Hence, a customised solution can develop on those existing 70 percent solutions and give you a solution to 99 percent of your business operations. One other thing with customised solutions is that there is always room and potential to do more, hence if you only feel like you need a half capacity software and want to develop on it when you grow in numbers and size, then that is very much possible and feasible to do thereby making it easier for you to come up with a plan of development.

No Fuss Training And Learning

Off-the-shelf software providers often charge for additional training after your first round of delivery, which is fine on their part. However, we do understand how you could be a fast-growing business and want training every other month or so for your new staff. Customised solutions are easy to learn and train in, since the solution was essentially your requirement and works as you specified, it is way easier for you to train the forthcoming staff, thereby saving you money and making your onboarding process a lot easier that it would have been the other way. It also makes you prone to less questions and problem throughout your journey with the software and just makes it run as a part of your organisation.

Integrated Solutions For Increased Usability

While there are many specialised software(s) out there in the market for different divisions and aspects of your business, a customised solution can help you get most of those features, or most of the features you want from each division into one solution, making it way easier for you to run operations and manage your data. Customised solutions also have the capabilities to integrate solutions and software within the main portal and give you a connected experience all around so that you and your business do not miss on anything that is out there.

While all these reasons can help make your decision easier, there are so many more things that a customised solution can do better or do according to you. So, if you are in the midst of looking for a solution for your business, give us a call or reach out to us and we can help you get the best possible solution for your business.

Date: Oct 19, 2021